Turku Synth is born

Hello synthpeople

Yesterday we had our more or less monthly meeting with the Turku Synth Club and we had the pleasure of having Jori Hulkkonen attend it. After the meeting Jori suggested that we should develop our activity in a more outgoing fashion and start – for example – some kind of web-based community. I’ve been thinking about these things for a long time and agree with Jori. Talking about synths with good buddies and a couple of beers is all fine and dandy and an excellent way to spend an afternoon, but if we want to get more out of this hobby we should branch out and spread the message.

I, myself can’t get enough of synth-themed websites and I go through vintagesynth.com, analogsweden.com, synthfind.com, matrixsynth.blogspot.com and other sites at alarming regularity. I’m always looking for hints on repairing synths, programming them or just old analogue gear for sale. Turku Synth Club was started by me (Tomi Tuominen), Jesse Juup, Matti Ikonen and Juha Pesonen sometime last year and we’ve been seeing each other irregularly ever since with new members popping up every now and then.

Couple of the guys have been bitten by the modular-bug and they enjoy meeting other people in the synth-building-business. Others just enjoy talking about their latest findings in hardware and sometimes even software. There’s been talk about building CV/gate inputs into our Korg Monotrons and then there’s the usual debate on which synth is the best… All in all, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being an active part of Turku Synthesizer Community and this blog is merely a new way of spreading knowledge about our activities and informing members of future meetings and happenings.

There’s been talk about writing a synth-book, starting a classified ads section that’s only for vintage audio gear, building and selling our own custom effects machines and also about starting a synth-repair-shop, but those are all dreams that’ll materialize later. For now, I guess we’ll mostly keep writing about small synth-related things that happen in our lives and maybe this blog will someday develop into a big and popular site like the ones mentioned earlier.

So, welcome people and a heartfelt welcome to our meetings too. If you’ve ever owned a synth, are thinking about getting one or maybe you’ve built your own like a mad scientist, keep your eyes peeled. We’ll inform you of our future meetings on this very site and also in our facebook -group.

Tomi / Turku Synth Club


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