Kirnu – MIDI Arpeggiator

New MIDI Arpeggiator plugin

While I do most of my serious (lol) sequencing in Numerology or Logic on my Mac, song-sketching type of sequencing on the Roland Fantom G and  the more automated and crazy glitchy stuff in FL Studio or Reaktor on my PC, and they all have great MIDI arpeggiators available, there are times when a dedicated VST MIDI arpeggiator comes in handy.

I have been following the development of this awesome new VST Arpeggiator Kirnu for a good while and just wanted to tell everyone reading this about it now being available!

Check it out and show some love to the developer Arto Vaarala!


  • Easy realtime tweaking
  • User friendly pattern view
  • MIDI learn for every major control
  • Two independent CC controls with ‘teach’ functionality
  • Numerous of different scales
  • Hold mode

Check out the videos


Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Yeah, it is free. Now I just wish it would also be available as AU!

Download here:


Jesse Juup / Turun Syntetisaattoriseura / Turku Synth Club



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5 responses to “Kirnu – MIDI Arpeggiator

  1. Dkstr

    Just out of curiosity, what are the situtiations you need an external arpeggio vst? Not trying to play the idea down, more like getting a new perspective:)

    Numerology (and its arpeggio-tools) is really awesome, especially if you have Novation Launchpad as interface!

    • Jesse J

      Well, let’s say you are inputting MIDI into a sequencer that doesn’t have an own Arpeggiator, like a Akai MPC, it would be handy.

      Or if you have a multi-timbral synth/sampler that only has one arpeggiator, you could set up multiple Kirnus with different Arpeggiations on each layer.

      Or you could use Kirnu without Pitch arpeggiations only to create interesting CC automations..

      Or you could trigger samples with the arpeggiator, creating breakbeat-kinda stuff..

      You could use it to trigger Lights via MIDI to DMX

      You could use it to Trigger videomaterial and effects in Resolume or similar software..

      There’s tons of interesting ways to utilize it…

      Of course Numerology can do all of this too, but I think Kirnu is more “immediate” and quicker. You could also set up interesting and complicated arpeggiators in Logic, in the Enviroment, but again, Kirnu would probably be faster.

      Anyhow, it’s just another tool in the vast arsenal of cool stuff! And even in a world where every mac user owns Numerolgy in all its awesomeness, it is still AU only, so a quick and Free VST Arpeggiator on any Windows machine is handy.

      BTW. Have you noticed there are next to none MIDI generating AUs? From what I’ve heard this should be possible, but Apple has somehow crippled the AU standard as is.. If someone knows more about this, please tell!

      JesseJuup / Turku Synth Club

  2. Jesse J

    +1 For the Novation Launchpad, it’s on my buy list just because of the awesome Numerology integration!

    Jesse Juup / Turku Synth Club

  3. Dkstr

    Awesome reply, gave me ideas. I’ve been fine and dandy with just Live’s and Numerologys own arpeggios but then again I do rarely very complex stuff anyways:)

    BTW, heres some Numerology action (Numerology > Ableton + Auduino synth) from last weekend, I had my knobs behind my laptop, otherwise I’m completely free from checking the computer monitor, hoorah!:

  4. Jesse J

    Well thanks for posting the video, cause I was very much going to come see you perform (and have beers with friends), but unfortunately I ate well, drank well and fell asleep on the couch only to wake up too late… (Hyvät pohjat meni hukkaan!)

    Watching this I’m just more assured to add the Launchpad to my next mailorder! Nice stuff going on there!

    I hope you show up at the next Synth Club meet 14.3.!

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