One of my personal heroes

Italian-born Giorgio Moroder is without a doubt one of the biggest inspirations for the birth of modern electronic music. His famous computerized basslines in his Donna Summer -productions drive me crazy for not being able to come up with anything as simple yet groundbreaking myself. Lately I’ve teached myself how to use my Akai MPC 2000XL and it’s step sequencing to reproduce Moroder’s famous basslines, but it’s just not the same. As usually with synth-related things, it’s always that certain synth that you supposedly need to create a well known sound. In this case it’s Korg’s Mono/Poly which is rumoured to be Giorgio Moroder’s favourite synth. Four oscillators of monophonic or polyphonic loveliness that’s not been surpassed since it’s invention in 1981.

If I only had a Mono/Poly, I could sound like Moroder…I really really need a Mono/Poly…

Tomi Tuominen / Turun Syntetisaattoriseura / Turku Synth Club


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One response to “One of my personal heroes

  1. Sequential Tom

    Giorgio Moroder has mentioned in the 90´s Future Music magazine Mono/Poly to be his favourite synth of all time.

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