Mountains of distortion

As some of you might already know, I play in a lasermetal band called Nightsatan. In the beginning, our agenda was to play traditional doom metal only with electronic drums and old analog synths. Strictly no guitars allowed! Without a suitable vocalist we’ve slowly evolved towards a more sleek and even scarier b-movie-soundtrack  inspired instrumental sound, but there’s still a hint of metal left in us, especially on many of the older songs. In the beginning I used a Boss Metalzone pedal to make my Polysix sound angrier. I even tried Digitech’s Death Metal pedal just for the cool name, but it offered basically more of the same familiar – a little bit thin – Metalzone sound.

Then I got myself a Korg MS-20 and suddenly I didn’t seem to need a distortion pedal anymore. Two oscillators worth of monophonic oomph and very good filters that screamed when I told them to scream seemed sufficient to make that evil buzzing sound that some of our old songs needed. I got rid of my Metalzone and Death Metal pedals and bought an Electro Harmonix Little Big Muff instead. It’s fuzz-sound wasn’t exactly metal, but then again, neither was our music anymore. I’ve been happy with this setup until yesterday.

Yesterday I made some trades with an old friend of mine and got myself a Devi Ever built double fuzzpedal called Hymn Strangle/Synth Mangler and oh my what an evil little pedal this is. Two adjacent fuzzes in one box, controlled by a joystick in the middle. Both fuzzes also feature two switches, one for hiss and one for chaos. And believe me, when you turn the hiss on, it truly hisses. With all the four hiss and chaos switches turned in the on position you can barely hear the original synth sound from behind the massive mountains of distortion this pedal creates.  This sound is truly evil and unlike a guitarist I can control the joystick realtime with my other hand while playing a bassline on my synth, making the distortion evolve and live the whole time. Perfect.

I really can’t wait to get to try this live. The ultra slow Satan From Hell is going to sound a lot more demonical than ever before.

Tomi / Turku Synth Club



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