March meeting

Sometimes, when there’s nobody else around I get all excited and try to talk about synths to my girlfriend, Emmi.  Needless to say, she doesn’t much care for voltage controlled oscillators, envelope generators or low frequency oscillators. Then again she could talk for hours about this spring’s women’s fashion. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s just the way we are built.

That’s why we at Turku Synth Club have this habit of going out once a month, having a couple beers and talking about synths and synth-related stuff. This month’s meeting is scheduled to take place in Bar Kuka next monday 14.3.  at 17 sharp. Write this date down in your calendars.

As always, new members are extremely welcome. It’s free (except for the beer -part) and it’s unbeliavably good fun. You don’t have to know anybody from the group beforehand. I myself have met wonderful people through these meetings and heard amazing stories about different people’s synth collections and of new and innovative ways of using them. I’ve made a couple of new friends and even sold one or two of my unwanted synths through these meetings.

You can take part if you have ever owned a synth or have ever wanted to own a synth. You can come to the meeting even if the only synth you have ever owned is a MicroKorg or a pirated software synth. As long as synths interest you and get your pulse racing, you’re entitled to take part in our meetings.

I’ll see you people in a week,

Tomi / Turku Synth Club


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