About us

Turku is a 200 000 people coastal town in Finland. It is known for it’s active scene in electronic music and many of the best known finnish electronic outfits (Pan-sonic, Mr. Velcro Fastener etc.) have hailed from this beautiful city. Turku Synth Club is a synth-a-holic support group that was started in Bar Kuka, Turku in 2010 by a couple of like-minded synth enthusiasts, who wanted to stop bothering their girlfriends with endless synth-babble. Every now and then we meet in a bar, drink a few beers and talk about synthesizers, synth music and our most recent acquirements. Sometimes we do “field-trips” into synth-filled studios. Basically this club is a legitimate way for grown men to talk about things that interest them the most.

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