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Happy 1st of April!

This I.D.I.O.T. technology sounds interesting… 😉

Matti / Turku Synth Club

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Some old Polymoog sound demos

Way back in 2005 I had a Polymoog Keyboard for a few months. It is a relatively simple synth, essentially an analogue “paraphonic” preset synthesizer with very little tweakability, but I thought it sounded amazing. Eventually I sold it to finance something else because I was constantly afraid that it would break, Polymoogs being notoriously unreliable. Because I only had it for a short while, it never ended up in any proper tracks, but I did record some demos with it during that time. As always, these are just to demonstrate how the synth sounds, not to be mistaken for proper music 😉

This one has some Moog MF-105 MuRF step filter action:

Hot pitch ribbon actiooon, chorus from Boss DC-2:

This is just a collection of sounds, chorus from Boss DC-2:

Matti / Turku Synth Club

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Roland Juno-60 sounds

I recently acquired a Roland Juno-60, One of the most legendary budget analogue polyphonic synthesizers. In the 1980’s those who wanted that sweet and liquid Roland sound, but couldn’t afford a Jupiter-8, often opted for the Juno-60. It has the same filter and envelope circuitry as it’s “bigger brother”, and it compensates the lack of a second oscillator with a super sweet chorus effect. When you switch the chorus on, you’re instantly back in the 1980’s.

One of the most fun features on the Juno-60 (and Juno-6, which is exactly the same as 60, except it has no patch memory) is the arpeggiator. Press down a bunch of keys, and the arpeggiator plays through them automatically at a set speed. But the real fun starts when you synchronize the arpeggiator to your sequencer or drum machine with the help of a click / trigger track. I put together a couple of demos where I did just that, just because it was so damn fun.

In these demos  I used a  TR-909 rimshot sample sequenced in Cubase to drive the Juno’s arpeggiator. Besides for the drum tracks, these are all Juno-60. Musically these are just pure sillyness, but hey, I was in a silly mood 😉

Matti / Turku Synth Club


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Sequential Circuits Prophet-600 sounds

So, I managed to re-acquire a Prophet-600 a few days ago. I sold my last one to start my modern analogue extravaganza, which never worked that well for me. All I can say is, it’s good to be back with the vintage Prophet. Real good. The P600 is BIG American synthesizer sound for not that big money. Sure, it is limited, and feels a bit flimsy kinda like the Pro-One, and the digital envelopes are a bit sluggish, and the LFO could have more range, and the MIDI is archaic (well, this was The FIRST synth with MIDI)… But it just sounds fantastic. Same  Curtis CEM3340 VCO chips as on most American analogue polys (Prophet-5, OB-Xa, OB-8, Memorymoog, etc.) and CEM3372 VCF/VCA chips that have ‘that’ Curtis sound, result in a fantastically saturated, brash and powerful sound.

Here’s a couple of Prophet-600 demo tracks I farted out to demonstrate the sound. Besides for the boring drum tracks, these are all P600, all played live (poorly) without sequencing.

There’s some reverb and delay, and some hum from my USB-interface in the second demo. Gotta make a demo of just individual dry sounds sometime soon. Anyways, hope y’all like these.

Matti / Turku Synth Club

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